Best High School Film

Available: Mar 30, 2022 00:00
Until: Apr 03, 2022 06:59
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Best High School Film
Films nominated for best high school film will be featured under this category.
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Covet Covet


With no memory in a dark room, three teenagers wake up to mystery between each other and a mysterious box. Luring them in, the box tempts each of their desires, testing their will to make it out alive
10 minutes
Matman Matman


A crime infested city with no heroes... until now. After a radioactive rug bite, one man receives abnormal powers to save his city, until a menacing "Garbago" appears to challenge his strength.
13 minutes
The Other The Other

The Other

Two combatants are trapped in a mysterious hotel where they can’t die and don’t know how to leave. Stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of violence, the two combatants must change their tactics and learn to understand one another in order to save themselves.
15 minutes
Lemonade Lemonade


A competitive, business-oriented young man meets his match in a six-year-old girl running a lemonade stand.
4 minutes
Laephlexa Laephlexa


Luna helps her brother Oli navigate as he struggles to control his usage of a new pill called "Laeplexa" which has the ability to delete selected memories.
9 minutes
JHHS Killer JHHS Killer

JHHS Killer

Bobby, a student at Jurupa Hills High School was murdered. Detective Williams gets called on the case to try and figure out who Bobby's murderer is.
4 minutes
Dilemma in the Lunchroom Dilemma in the Lunchroom

Dilemma in the Lunchroom

A look at the pros and cons of America's National School Lunch Program.
6 minutes
Rodent Redemption Rodent Redemption

Rodent Redemption

Waiting. Training. Biding his time. Kipling, a fed up Russian hamster, enacts his meticulously planned escape to finally break free from his captors. Hear him tell the tale firsthand in this harrowing tale of a hamster who became a bear!
2 minutes
A Sticky Situation A Sticky Situation

A Sticky Situation

Ryan finally has a chance to make an impression with the girl of his dreams, Olivia...but his unique medical condition puts him in a sticky situation.
4 minutes
"Why Do You Run?" "Why Do You Run?"

"Why Do You Run?"

About a year ago I started running and I always wondered, Why do I run? I thought I was crazy, running sucked, it hurt, it was painful. But as I grew as a person I began to think of my true answer to that question. This video is that answer.
1 minute

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