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Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me? Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

After the death of his father, an Episcopalian priest, a teenage ice skater is lost in grief and god's silence. He begins to form a relationship with a non-binary photographer and starts to find a purpose in life. As he skates memories flow through him in a kaleidoscopic depiction of time and he comes to terms with death, religion, and life.
16 minutes
Hollow Hollow


Valerie and Carmen, blindsided by the death of their best friend Beth, hold a private memorial in her honor. As they reminisce on old times, the truth unfolds.
5 minutes
Impractical Spartans Tie Breaker Impractical Spartans Tie Breaker

Impractical Spartans Tie Breaker

We play pranks on teachers and staff by inviting them to participate in our production under false pretenses
8 minutes
The Locket The Locket

The Locket

A short animated film about a mischievous magpie who lives in the forest. One day, it steals something shiny from a cat, but feels sorry when it realizes how important the object is.
1 minute
Prom Night Prom Night

Prom Night

Prom Night is a short, psychological film, about what should be a happy milestone in a teen's life. However, something is terribly wrong, and Jenessa will need to discover what that is.
5 minutes
Retribution Retribution


Alastor's heart can take no more. He meets a hooded figure, seeking vengeance, after a party girl publicly humiliates him. The figure suggests a bold plan, however it may be more intense than expected
4 minutes
The Art of Business: Director's Cut The Art of Business: Director's Cut

The Art of Business: Director's Cut

Mike Banner is a Latin American immigrant who upon arriving in the United States cannot wait to sell and spread his one passion- CLEANING PRODUCTS! But he's thrown in jail before he can make much progress, but from that misadventure, he meets the boss of the Russian Cleaning Products Mafia, Mr. Scrubs. The two form an unlikely friendship and decide to become the world's biggest-selling of cleaning products, but such an honor doesn't come without a price.
23 minutes
Trick or Treat Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Minutes before the day of Halloween, a young girl eagerly searches for the perfect cupcake recipe. However, as she bakes the treat the next morning, the stormy day seems to get more and more peculiar.
2 minutes
To My Youth To My Youth

To My Youth

A music video created by a Senior high school student for the K-pop band
3 minutes
The Tinder Gang The Tinder Gang

The Tinder Gang

When a young man arrives at a young woman's house for a prospective mating, he soon realizes there's something else at play.
4 minutes
Sleep Ghost Sleep Ghost

Sleep Ghost

A student who isn't getting enough sleep is visited by a spirit to remind him that sleep is important.
1 minute
The School of the Americas The School of the Americas

The School of the Americas

Someone has committed a grievous misdeed against a community college film school building, can three film student detectives bring the culprit to justice?
17 minutes
Onimod Onimod


Onimod is an experimental montage piece that is comprised of only stock footage. It tells and shows us the importance of nature, and the consequences it brings if we don't take care of it.
3 minutes
Leaving Home Leaving Home

Leaving Home

The story of Dr. Farnaz Gaminchi's heroic escape from Iran when she was 12 years old.
10 minutes
How To Run How To Run

How To Run

A detailed explanation of how to run by someone who used to run. A mockumentary student project.
3 minutes
Habanera Habanera


A woman struggles with the irrational guilt she feels after being sexually assaulted.
5 minutes
Elsewhere Elsewhere


Elsewhere is a gentle story about love and loss told through the perspective of a grief stricken laborer. As the first snow descends on the province, she spends her day harvesting oysters along the river bank, and contemplating the nature of her grief. Waist high in the water, she pushes through the meandering currents, when she suddenly encounters a familiar creature rising from the shallows. Her muses awash, she finds herself elsewhere, succumbing to another shell.
10 minutes
Camp Oasis Camp Oasis

Camp Oasis

Three happy campers find themselves in a bind after the fourth member of their group goes missing.
8 minutes
18.8% 18.8%


A painful look at the various ways well intentioned people miss or ignore the warning signs of someone in emotional pain.
4 minutes


Three friends meet up at an outdoor Greek theatre After a long Quarantine is lifted during a detrimental Pandemic begins to calm. They are celebrating life and mourning the death of a mutual bestie that has recently died from Covid-19 related complications only to discover that he was sleeping with all three (2 female, 1 male) of them during quarantine... Anger, dismay, worry and embarrassment are a result.
5 minutes
If the footsteps fall beneath you If the footsteps fall beneath you

If the footsteps fall beneath you

A point of view music video poem that steps through a stream of consciousness while locating values in self perception, taking place on an early morning walk with the concept that one must face them selves before they can face the world.
2 minutes
The Solution The Solution

The Solution

To combat overpopulation as well as food shortages, scientists devise a solution.
3 minutes
Human Race Ism Human Race Ism

Human Race Ism

A teenager stationed on Mars with his family gets a lesson in racism.
3 minutes
Guess To success Guess To success

Guess To success

Come with us as we play the game answering fast to succeed
2 minutes
Halloween Costume Contest Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Costume Contest

My project is a skit of a Halloween costume contest, that was produce and edited by me (Leticia Lavin). It was aired on YouTube for our Jurupa Hills High School weekly Student production of "Spartan TV"
2 minutes
Hide N Seek Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek

My tv production class made a decision to vlog ourselves playing a game of hide n seek.
3 minutes
Pickup Lines Pickup Lines

Pickup Lines

Since it was Valentines day, we went around to ask people what their favorite pickup line was.
1 minute
See's Candy See's Candy

See's Candy

A promotion for our Tv productions programs fundraiser.
1 minute
Spartan Tv Intro Spartan Tv Intro

Spartan Tv Intro

This is our Spartan Tv intro
1 minute
Up In Flames Up In Flames

Up In Flames

An Indigenous woman believes she is the last remaining person on Earth after the Flames burned all of North and South America. During her adventure, she meets a man who has malicious intent.
14 minutes

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